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Another 3.7 earthquake hits the Hayward Fault

I’m somewhat disturbed that another quake hit the same spot with the same magnitude as Wednesday’s earthquake. This quake did not feel as intense as Wednesday night’s but it seemed to last longer.

It makes me realize that we have some key supplies missing from our earthquake kit, namely, a collapsible cat kennel, extra dog collars and leashes. We could also use additional blankets and rotate our water out more frequently.

Just some random thoughts that come to mind when these quakes hit, which seem to be more than I care to have happen this past week.

Jon, who happens to be a geologist, does not seem to be too worried.


Need a website? Place your bids to benefit The Performing Animals Welfare Society!

The Performing Animal Welfare Society, PAWS, is a sanctuary in central California dedicated to providing permanent homes to many animals of the circus and entertainment industries.

I am donating my web services for their February 2007 Auction Benefit for the Elephants. So, if you know anyone in need of a website, they should contact PAWS to place that bid!

Download the PDF of a flyer I made for the auction.


3.7 earthquake on the Hayward Fault

I was standing in the kitchen at 7 P.M. this evening when all of a sudden, I felt the entire floor beneath me shift about three feet. I yelled out loud the obvious:

Oh my God, that was an earthquake!”

It made me happy to know that we finally finished the earthquake retrofit on the house.

Just another one of the joys of living in California!


I am (will be) an Oakland Zoo apprentice!

I’ve applied for and been accepted into the Oakland Zoo apprenticeship!! Yay!

What does this mean exactly?

An apprentice is really an intern, except I’m not in school, and I must continue to work for a living. Starting in January, I will be at the zoo during Fridays and weekends, working with and learning from the zookeepers and the various animals under their care.

Though I wasn’t assigned my first choice (the elephants – but as a friend said – nobody STARTS with the elephants!) I’ll be working with lemurs, goats, parrots, rabbits, AND pot-bellied pigs!! I am very excited!

I don’t know where this will lead me.

In many ways, this apprenticeship will be about exploring and learning. I’ve always loved animals and this opportunity will provide me with the chance to discover how much I wish to turn this love into a living. Or maybe I’ll discover a nice balance among all the various interests in my life, including blogging, drawing, web design, and taking care of critters!


What I want for Christmas…a BMW F650 GS

Me & my Ducati in ArizonaEarlier this week, my eye caught the motorcycle of a woman who parked her bike next to mine. I quickly took my helmet off to ask her some questions about her beautiful BMW F650 GS.

Before I continue with this story I have to place my disclaimer: I have no desire to sell my girl. My Ducati Monster and I have bonded through many miles (close to 20K in fact). She continues to be a reliable AND fun way to commute daily to Berkeley. She’s quick and zippy up in the curvy hills of Berkeley and Oakland, and I lane split through the morning traffic IN STYLE. She’s a Ducati after all. Then there was the infamous 3,700-miles of a trip through the southwest several years ago: we both did just FINE thank you very much.

Having said (written) that, I have been thinking about my next bike. I guess this is a common problem for many riders – the constant thought of the next bike. I know Jon has that problem.

I asked this woman what she thought of her BMW F650. Was I surprised by her response? She loved it! And she went on to say that when she first started looking at bikes, her choice was between a Monster or F650. She hasn’t regretted her decision.

I’ve been thinking about a BMW for my next bike, mainly because I know Jon and I have some future bike trips ahead of us. Trips that will probably make me wish for more comfort and capabilities in my Ducati.

When I saw this woman get off her bike I immediately noted that she was about my size. I was even more encouraged when she told me that the bike was not lowered. I just about started to drool.

So, for all you out there who really wanted to know what I want for Christmas…

BMW F650  GS