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What I want for Christmas…a BMW F650 GS

Me & my Ducati in ArizonaEarlier this week, my eye caught the motorcycle of a woman who parked her bike next to mine. I quickly took my helmet off to ask her some questions about her beautiful BMW F650 GS.

Before I continue with this story I have to place my disclaimer: I have no desire to sell my girl. My Ducati Monster and I have bonded through many miles (close to 20K in fact). She continues to be a reliable AND fun way to commute daily to Berkeley. She’s quick and zippy up in the curvy hills of Berkeley and Oakland, and I lane split through the morning traffic IN STYLE. She’s a Ducati after all. Then there was the infamous 3,700-miles of a trip through the southwest several years ago: we both did just FINE thank you very much.

Having said (written) that, I have been thinking about my next bike. I guess this is a common problem for many riders – the constant thought of the next bike. I know Jon has that problem.

I asked this woman what she thought of her BMW F650. Was I surprised by her response? She loved it! And she went on to say that when she first started looking at bikes, her choice was between a Monster or F650. She hasn’t regretted her decision.

I’ve been thinking about a BMW for my next bike, mainly because I know Jon and I have some future bike trips ahead of us. Trips that will probably make me wish for more comfort and capabilities in my Ducati.

When I saw this woman get off her bike I immediately noted that she was about my size. I was even more encouraged when she told me that the bike was not lowered. I just about started to drool.

So, for all you out there who really wanted to know what I want for Christmas…

BMW F650  GS

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