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I am (will be) an Oakland Zoo apprentice!

I’ve applied for and been accepted into the Oakland Zoo apprenticeship!! Yay!

What does this mean exactly?

An apprentice is really an intern, except I’m not in school, and I must continue to work for a living. Starting in January, I will be at the zoo during Fridays and weekends, working with and learning from the zookeepers and the various animals under their care.

Though I wasn’t assigned my first choice (the elephants – but as a friend said – nobody STARTS with the elephants!) I’ll be working with lemurs, goats, parrots, rabbits, AND pot-bellied pigs!! I am very excited!

I don’t know where this will lead me.

In many ways, this apprenticeship will be about exploring and learning. I’ve always loved animals and this opportunity will provide me with the chance to discover how much I wish to turn this love into a living. Or maybe I’ll discover a nice balance among all the various interests in my life, including blogging, drawing, web design, and taking care of critters!

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2 Responses to “I am (will be) an Oakland Zoo apprentice!”

  1. Kari says:

    Trisha –

    What an exciting new venture! It sounds wonderful! I remember my days at the Veterinarian office and enjoyed that a great deal! I loved working with animals, and I was able to even get in on some surgeries. I had a blast!

    I hope to eventually get back into horses! Riding and training, and caring for them! I loved it when I had the chance to do that!

    You really will love this experience! I remember also working at the Lindsey Museum in Walnut Creek, working with all sorts of animals! You will learn get the opportunity to learn so much! I think it’s wonderful that you went out and did what you wanted to do! Congrats!

    Please do keep us all informed as to your experience at the Oakland Zoo! Perhaps when I come up in February we might want to go there!

    Again I think it’s wonderful and I wish you the very best!


  2. creative says:

    Thanks Kari! I plan to post my experiences on my blog so stay tuned!