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Graduate School, Santa Fe Etchers, & Motorcycles

Let the Fun Begin at The Multimedia Graduate Program at CSU East Bay!

I’ve spent the entire weekend doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Ok, that’s not exactly true; I’ve been sitting on the couch watching movies – and, yes, I did take the dogs out for their hikes. But the point is, I did very little work, as I am anticipating that life will become very busy with the start of graduate school this week. I am very excited!

The classes I am taking this quarter include Principles of Digital Multimedia, Business Basics in Multimedia (I can share a lesson or two in this class), Animation for the Web, and a weekly forum of guest lecturers and speakers from private industry. It all starts Tuesday! Woo hoo!

100 Santa Fe Etchers

I’ve also learned that I will be a part of a book that will feature the printmakers of the Santa Fe Etching Club of which I am a member (once a member, always a member!). I was very active in the club when I lived in Santa Fe; I wrote a bit about my experiences in a previous post. I am very excited and honored to be included in the book, which is due to come out in December.

The print that was chosen for the book is called Prayer. Here it is below:

Jon’s Track Days

Ok, this last paragraph is really all about Jon and the fun he’s been having at his track days. It’s an addictive hobby for him, and based on the photos, he sure looks like he’s having a great time!
Photo by Gotbluemilk.com

If you haven’t already, check out the recent photos taken by gotbluemilk.com, of my honey riding really fast around Thunderhill Race Track in Willows, CA.

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