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Media Diary Entry – Frustration

What I want to do to my PCI am incredibly frustrated by this campus wireless network. To access the network, I had to download a couple of applications, including Cisco Clean Access Agent (which had errors in its installation!) and the campus virus software (because apparently, the one I had wasn’t good enough!). And of course, after logging in, the f***ing network tells me I need to update my virus definition — but I don’t have f***ing access to download the latest definitions! F**K, F**K, F**K! So it won’t let me login! Damn it!

Yes, these are the moments when I want to hurl my machine out the window. These are the times when technology completely drives me mad, when I waste more time trying to make technology work than actually have technology work for me!!

I know my blood is curdling right now. And the irony of this situation is that at this time I would normally be out on a hike, away from media and technology, away from frustration, away from this sometimes non-sensical mode of – I don’t even have the words right now. I AM SO MAD!

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