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Media Diary Entry – Phun with Photoshop!

Presenting art done with new media.

(Note: the original image was taken by Flickr member Chrisada Sookdhis, which I used with a Creative Commons license. Thanks Chrisada!)

I call it Tree Portrait:

Tree Portrait

I’m quite happy with the way this turned out mainly because of my love for texture. Here’s a couple of close ups:

close up of tree portrait

Tree Portrait

And for posterity, I include scans of an etching I did in 1995:


And the close-up:

Flight close up


And I find it quite fitting that the first artistic medium I fell in love with would involve a printing press. (It’s that Old Media vs New Media thing.)


Media Diary Entry – Old artistic media to new

Monk's headA year ago I was taking a life-drawing class at my local community college. We met weekly and drew from a live model for several months. I loved it! It had been years since I did any drawings, and though I felt rusty, I really enjoyed the tactile quality of putting pencil/charcoal/pen to paper. I’ve written off and on in this blog about some of my artistic endeavors.

This past summer I also spent some time making sculpture, something I had not done for an even longer time than drawing. My transition from the “old media” / non-digital / traditional forms of art making happened drastically. It occurred when I moved from Santa Fe to the Bay Area in 2000.

I can cite many reasons as to how and why this transition was so drastic. However, probably the biggest reason of all was that I poured all my energy and resources into learning a new art form. It was this thing called the world wide web.

However, my love for the old media / non-digital art form continues.


Media Diary Entry – Singing in the car

Yes, I sing in the car, especially when it’s a Peter Gabriel song, but lately, I’ve been singing with the Frames.

I love our car radio. Though I rolled my eyes when the car salesman was trying to talk us into buying the car because of it, I now admit, it was worth his talking us into it. (For the record, we wanted a manual car, and the awesome stereo system happened to be in the only manual car they had.) It plays mp3s and has 6 cd slots, and if I knew more about the bells and whistles, I would spell it out for you. But I don’t.

All I know is that I get pure pleasure out of driving to and from school with my music in full blast and me singing along with it.

It took me a while to figure out that NPR news isn’t exactly the most happy listening. Now, because my head is SO FULL OF STUFF from school and I can’t possibly fill it anymore with things like politics and news and the latest death toll in Iraq, happy time is all about SINGING in the car with our fancy stereo system.


Media Diary Entry – When do I love my computer?

It occurred to me that most of my media entries have been about my frustrations with technology, and in particular, computers. In reality, those entries are really more about my need to vent. Quite frankly, it is me in the moment of dealing with media, and my response to it. That is the point of this diary.

But for balance, I need to ask, when do I love my computer?

  • When it works 😛
  • When it plays Pandora (I LOVE PANDORA!)
  • When it pays our bills – ok, I pay the bills, but the computer lets me do it conveniently
  • When I can balance our checkbooks with the click of the Update button in Quicken
  • When I can communicate with my cousin in the Philippines in real time, especially when I’m up late at night writing this and she’s at work seeing that my yahoo account is active and can IM me.
  • When I can make websites look pretty, like this. (I don’t think Jeff would like me calling his website pretty, but there you have it.)

I’m sure I can sit here and continue to make this list. Ultimately, there is something that compels me to continue to create on a computer, despite its frustrations. Maybe that’s the key – the act of being able to create on a computer. At heart, I am a creator, an artist (I still feel uncomfortable using that word, but that’s for another post).

The computer has become my medium. Maybe I should put that on the list.


Media Diary Entry – Blind faith & frustration

I don’t know what it is about technology that makes me assume it should flawlessly work. And when it doesn’t, I waste entirely way too much time trying to make it work.

My husband and I have been dealing with technology problems of late. It started with his 7-year old PC box just dying – you know, when you hit that button and the windows logo should appear, but all you get is a black screen with a message that says, “Windows cannot read from the drive” – that sucks.

What sucked even more was my panic at realizing that we were using his machine as a backup for all our digital images. Images that went back to 2000. Fortunately, I had the good sense to have additional CD backups, and then I remembered the external hard drive we were using for my backups, and I thought – we’re covered.

I spent that evening trying to locate images from the external drive. A big sigh of relief, until several days later when I tried to access the images that I restored. Many of the images were giving me messages that said, “Drawing failed” or “Image is corrupt”. BIG SCREAM!

Of particular sentimental value were the pictures from our trip to New Mexico (*sigh* I still miss New Mexico *sigh*). Though I uploaded the best photos onto my Flickr account, they were not high resolution files.

This particular incident is just but one account of my recent frustrations. I believe I may have already written about others.

The big question I need to ask myself, however, is why do I continue to trust that technology will always work, and why oh why do I get so violently upset when it doesn’t???

Man, I need to lighten up!