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When it rains…

…need I complete this sentence?

Jon is in NY with his mom because his sister is ill with cancer. His mom’s husband is in the hospital recovering from a quadruple bypass. Our good friends down the road just returned from the hospital with their one-year old who is still trying to get over a bout of pneumonia. Jenny’s dog continues to wear the cone because her tummy is stapled with stitches. Our roof is still leaking from all the rain that has fallen these past few days (yes, it is also literally pouring).

And the storm for me came when I took Siwa to the vet for a routine dental. They discovered two large golf-ball sized masses in her mouth that was responsible for her drooling and recent foul breath (hence the impetus to get her teeth cleaned). The vet thinks it’s melanoma. She won’t know for certain ’til next week. I fear and am expecting that her diagnosis is right – what else can explain the sudden foul breath, especially since the vet saw Siwa in December for her routine checkup and shots, and she was given a clean bill of health?

Siwa will be 12 on Valentine’s Day. I fully expect her to live for a while longer. I hope I am not disappointed.

Expect to see more drawings of the sweetest creature I have ever known:

Siwa sleeping

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4 Responses to “When it rains…”

  1. Kari says:

    Trisha – I am so sorry to hear about Siwa! I totally agree when it rains it pours! We’ve had our added stresses with the baby and Scott’s work issue regarding his health! I really was hoping the new year was going to be great, but it seems it has had it’s fill of unfortunates! But I continue to stay possitve and have a good outlook on things as best I can! I have had a number of animals in my family so I know all to well how much they become a member of the family! I will be praying for Siwa and the health of all of you! We just had a water pipe break in our place, so I wish you the best in getting the leak to stop on your roof!

    Cheers, Kari

  2. Theresa says:

    Oh, Trish, I am so sorry to hear about this heartbreaking news about your beautiful dog. I send Siwa — and you guys — much health and peace energy as she goes through this bewildering stage. I’m also sorry to hear about Jon’s sister. Keep drawing. Drawing has always grounded you. Oh, I give you a big hug through the ether…


  3. trish says:

    Thanks for the warm thoughts and prayers!

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