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This week’s drawings

It’s been a busy week, with some of the activities resulting in excellent news regarding a new web design job!

In the meantime, here are some drawings I managed to do today: (yes, they are of our pets)


Amazingly enough, I find Sammy difficult to draw with a pencil. I think this is the most success I’ve had with capturing his personality using conte pencil. And of course, this would be his sleeping personality.

Sketches of Phobos

Sketches of Phobos

Like Sammy, I also find Phobos difficult to draw. Maybe it’s because he is mostly a black blob, thereby making it more difficult to understand the form beneath all the fur and darkness. Granted, Siwa is also a black blob, but because she is larger, it is easier to see her form and make decisions.

So there you have it. More drawings.



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