Unearthing creative possibilities: Trish Roque's website, personal blog, & portfolio


Mirror image portrait

Trish Roque started Creative Path Studio in 2006 as a way to have more fun, challenge herself, integrate her life, and in general, realize her potential.  In 2007, she began to learn more about web design, WordPress and web development.  In 2008 she neglected her blog and website to work full-time for an incredibly small web company that laid her off in early 2009. That experience brought many epiphanies.

Ok, that was the boring third-person, requisite copy.  Now comes the fun part.

I enjoy developing beautiful, user-centered websites.  I also collaborate with other developers and artists to create  multi-media online experiences.

When not sitting in front of my computer, I make marks on paper, canvas, copper plates, and other media that can be scratched, painted, and built upon, I play in the garden,  or I’m out in the hills  hiking with my dogs.

From time to time, I blog about the mistakes I’ve made, the lessons I’ve learned, and the adventures I continue to have.

I live in the San Francisco Bay Area with my wonderfully supportive husband, two furry dogs who I blame for my semi-permanent poison oak rash, and two ornery cats who rule the household.