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A design in progress & a ‘cupla drawrings

The itchy fingers are scratched but once again (!) I’ve managed to make myself more busy than I really wanted to…

I’m working on a personal web project that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. I’ve promised the Santa Fe Etching Club that I would make them a website all these years, and FINALLY, I’m getting to it. Here’s a sneak peek:

Santa Fe Etching Club screenshot

I have plenty to do still – like gathering images of etchings from the artists, and their bios, but heck, it’s a start! It’s also my first pure CSS liquid layout! (This means absolutely nothing to everyone but web designers.)

And, I started drawing again! Yay! Below are a couple (a quick gesture, and a more refined drawing of the same pose and model):

gesture drawing Figure drawing


I’m getting itchy fingers…

Mirror Image of Trish Roque Jan 2008So what do I do? I draw.

And even though I’m the least exciting person I know to model for me, I’m also the most accessible at ANY given moment. So, yes, I did another mirror image.

Besides, I really needed to update the image I had of me on the “About” page of this site. That drawing was done over a year ago, and my hair has grown quite a bit since then. Anyway, that’s the new drawing there, to the right.

It’s always an interesting exercise trying to get a likeness of a face that you think you know really well. I don’t know if I succeeded or not. Regardless, it’s what’s on my “About” page and my LinkedIn account.

The itchy fingers are still pretty itchy though. I’m hoping that attending the drawing groups at my local community college will soothe the fingers. They certainly can’t get all their satisfaction from these keyboards which seem to hog up most of their time. But I’ve already written about that in a previous post. I’ve signed up for portrait and figure drawing sessions. I will be posting those drawings on the site so, stay tuned.

In the meantime, I’m now just discovering the fascinating world of DeviantArt.com. Though I’ve known about this particular site for a couple of years now, my recent foray into Photoshop art led me here. I’ve spent too many countless hours this past week at that site, browsing the works of a number of Deviants.

Methinks I will be doing some art this year. (There’s a resolution if I’ve ever heard one!)


Media Diary Entry – Diemos in the Sky with Catnip (or High)

My relationship with my computer has been quite exciting with my recent Photoshop projects. These most recent pieces have shown a merging of my “old media” and “new media” training.

Here are four versions of what I call: Diemos in the Sky with Catnip (or High)

(Yes, this cat is a real cat.)

Diemos in the Sky with Catnip

Diemos in the Sky with Catnip #2

Diemos in the Sky with Catnip #3

Diemos in the Sky with Catnip #4


Media Diary Entry – Phun with Photoshop!

Presenting art done with new media.

(Note: the original image was taken by Flickr member Chrisada Sookdhis, which I used with a Creative Commons license. Thanks Chrisada!)

I call it Tree Portrait:

Tree Portrait

I’m quite happy with the way this turned out mainly because of my love for texture. Here’s a couple of close ups:

close up of tree portrait

Tree Portrait

And for posterity, I include scans of an etching I did in 1995:


And the close-up:

Flight close up


And I find it quite fitting that the first artistic medium I fell in love with would involve a printing press. (It’s that Old Media vs New Media thing.)


What is Web 2.0 anyway?

I’ve been hearing this term Web 2.0, pop up so much in the last couple of years. When people ask me what exactly is Web 2.0, I don’t quite know how to respond. Probably because I don’t know the answer myslef. Recently I ran across a video on YouTube that explains it far better than anyone ever could.

The Machine is Us/ing Us