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Entrepreneurs are the key out of this recession

I firmly believe that entrepreneurs will be the key players in moving our economy out of our current recession. I’ve read many articles indicating that my belief is not just borne out of faith.

Here’s today’s CNN Money article.   And an interesting series published by Time Magazine on the Future of Work.


Latest web design now live: UrbanMensch.com

Urban Mensch website screenshotAmong the many activities in my insanely busy life, I’ve been working as a contractor for an awesome gallery software company called Masterpiece Manager. If you’re an artist or gallery in need of inventory software, I highly recommend their product! Star’s website uses Masterpiece.

My latest project with Masterpiece has been a lot of fun and the client has been wonderful to work with. The products offered on her site are top of the line Judaic art and gifts. We went live yesterday, and the site can be seen on UrbanMensch.com.

Check it out when you have a chance!


Choosing a web host: customer service is key

It was a rough weekend, one that was spent working to try to get my site back up. As you can see, it is now up, but not without pain and suffering. Rather than detail what occurred in the past, I would rather move forward and pretend it never happened.

A new web host doesn’t hurt either. When looking for one, I chose the most important criteria to me: excellent customer service. I did the usual google search and in the process ran across several websites that gave Lunarpages excellent marks when it came to support.

So, after four days of banging my head against the wall with my previous host, here I am up and running with Lunarpages.

*Big sigh of relief*


Recent website and business updates

Jon and I returned from Tahoe last weekend, well rested and ready to catch a couple of nasty colds with sore throats. We’ve spent most of the week recuperating – and when I managed to get myself out of bed, I forced myself to implement some changes I’ve been wanting to make on my site. Ahh, the joys of freelancing… there’s never any downtime.

These changes include:

  • web hosting at an unbelievable rate [update 3/29/07: I am in the process of finding better web hosting for my clients]
  • the implementation of Google Checkout (i.e. I now accept credit cards!)
  • making the Portfolio its own section, as I expect it to grow

I’m hoping these changes and additions will make life easier for me and my beloved clients!

Ok, I must now get my coughing self to bed!


Thinking big in 2007 & beyond

This site is really about the ability to realize my dreams – to think about the possibilities, ALL the possibilities and then to see what happens when I focus my energies toward realizing these possibilities.

In many ways, Creative Path Studio was a long time coming. I have been thinking about creating a business for while now – to create my own path in life. There’s so much more I want to do and the creation of this site, this business, this experiment, is the vehicle to allow me to do that.

I should not be surprised that my goals for this business are coming to fruition. I have other goals that I need to articulate. Writing them down forces me to think about the path I need to take to get there.

Some of my goals include:

  • creating Word Press themes and sharing them
  • create a site for santafe-etching.com
  • interview artists and designers (I have several folks in mind)
  • become an Illustrator and Photoshop guru
  • draw, draw, draw
  • continue to think BIG, and to think of all the possibilities
  • find the balance and really enjoy life

Creative Path Studio is just as much about experimentation as it is about creativity. It is about living a life worth living.