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Creative block? Call a friend!

One item I neglected to put on my list of ways to overcome a creative block is to call a good friend.  I did just that last night. I have known my good friend Theresa since college and she is one of the most clear-minded people I know. We gabbed for over two hours about creativity, meditation, structuring our days to best meet our own unique needs, and how important it is to be compassionate and kind towards ourselves.

One of our discussions involved the need to shut the computer off after a certain hour. Personally, I get too easily sucked in to this machine to the point where hours will go by and I would not notice the time. Part of this of course has to do with my love for web, design, and technology. When I’m in the middle of a project, I am in essence problem-solving, and I cannot shut off (literally and metaphorically) until the problem is solved.

Theresa helped me to see that this tendency of mine to not shut off leads me to a hyperactive mind, which usually lasts til the wee hours of the night, and has often caused sleeplessness. Shutting off the computer after a certain hour (& not turning it back on!) is part of the solution.

It was wonderful to catch up with her, and after we said our good-nights (it was past midnight on the east coast where she lives), I found myself heading towards the computer.  I checked my Facebook account, some emails, and did the deed.

Then I found myself in the studio looking at some of the projects I started. I picked up a few items, started to play with them and before I knew it, I found myself moving things around, making marks, and just playing.  When I next looked at the clock, it was 2 AM.

Here’s the work in progress that caused the hours to fly by so quickly:

3D collage work in progress

3D collage work in progress

Detail of 3D collage work in progress

Detail of 3D collage work in progress